Burn baby burn

Why we Laser Etch Granite?

It all started with the caveman… chipping away at rock, leaving his mark for eternity. Today remembering a loved one for eternity is a simple process thanks to modern technology, Laser technology.

At goStone Qld we start with a beautiful highly polished Black granite. We work with our clients to design a tribute to their loved one (even fur babies).

Thanks to modern technology we can Etch any image, text or even your own QR code onto black granite preserving precious memories forever.

Burn baby burn… essentially this is what we are doing. The high-powered laser burns the surface of the granite on a varying scale leaving a lasting impression. A little bit like the old dot matrix printer only much better and more fun.

The advantages of Laser etching are numerous. Photos are clear & precise. Text sizes can be altered to ensure all of the message is delivered for future generations.

Best of all it is cost effective & fast. Laser etching allows goStone Qld to provide a finished product long before traditional methods such as Bronze or cast plaques for a comparable sometimes cheaper price.

Sit back & watch our short video I’m sure you will enjoy…

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